If we only see one race star as the heroes, we start to think that.
If we see all races star as the heroes, maybe we'll start to understand that.

Chart: Incluvie
Data: 2018 Hollywood Diversity Report, UCLA College of Social Sciences

Chart: Incluvie
Data: 2018 Hollywood Diversity Report, UCLA College of Social Sciences

2018 Hollywood Diversity Report, UCLA College of Social Sciences


Rate. Discuss. Act.

  • How This Works

    We're providing a platform for people to voice their praise or disapproval of racial patterns in Hollywood. People can rate movies based on how good or bad a film is for racial harmony in our society. Users can judge whether a movie encourages, shames, or ignores diversity. We would like to shed some light onto the racial realities of movies through ratings, commentary, and statistics. Right now, we're a startup in development!

  • The Inspiration

    Our hope is to make this country celebrate and love diversity a little bit more. Movies, TV, and Hollywood may not seem so important at first glance. However, we believe that for our society as a whole, film is now one of the most impactful and uniting media for all of us. It’s about storytelling. Stories and legends were told since humans first learned to speak. With the advent of technology, the storytelling medium has changed.

  • Creating Balance

    There’s always a balance, right? Asian movies can have Asian villains and extras because they also have Asian stars. The result is 0 racism. Hollywood movies can have white villains and extras because they also have white stars. The result is, again, 0 racism. However, in an industry where an Asian person can never star, and can only be vilified or marginalized, the result is that there is a degree of racism.

  • Whole Characters

    We believe that because of American mainstream media today, many people of all backgrounds subconsciously believe that white people are the only ones who exist three-dimensionally. Many believe that those of other backgrounds are supposed to exist and behave in a very specific way. We want to get people comfortable with the reality that there’s depth and variety in every person and culture.

  • Driving Change

    Let's make this change happen! We can make this country a better place. Eliminating racism from Hollywood is a difference that is achievable. The way we can make this change happen is if we deliberately do not put our dollars towards reinforcing the belief that some people matter and other people don't.

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