Diversity in Film

Why it Matters

If we see racism over and over again, we will believe it.
If we see love, collaboration, understanding, and celebration amongst races, we will believe it.

Representation Matters

When Americans are shown dozens of times, hundreds of times, even thousands of times in film and media that black lives don’t matter… the American subconscious will feel that black lives don’t matter. When people are shown repeatedly that Asian voices don’t matter, the American subconscious will feel that Asian voices don’t matter.

Creating a Framework

Incluvie is a framework for evaluating how movies and TV portray characters based on race and ethnicity. Users can rate movies based on their portrayal of racial diversity. Actors, directors, and producers will also receive a rating based on their respective film ratings. By having parameters and ratings to examine racism in the film industry, we can increase awareness of this issue and drive meaningful action.

Voting with Dollars

With Incluvie, people can know beforehand whether a film is racially biased or not and use that information in deciding whether to support it with their dollars. We can give directors and producers a financial incentive to put their money towards making the world a better place. We will give them a reason to pay attention to racial stereotyping and casting choices.

Positive Examples

Some movies and shows that switch things up.

Crazy Rich Asians

Romantic Comedy

Black Panther


Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Science Fiction






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Incluvie matters to me because it provides a platform to address issues of racism in Hollywood. Through Incluvie, we get the chance to show support for movies that promote diversity positively and the ability to voice our opinion against racism in the film industry.
- Dennis Wu

Seeing is believing. If our kids don't see people like them in lead roles, directing, or composing, then they will grow up believing these things are not for them. Art is for everyone. Incluvie can help!
- Colin Robertson

Incluvie generates awareness for many wonderful films that have a diverse cast, some of which I didn't even know about! I have certainty that this project will continue to grow and will become a major player in the film industry. Fight on, Incluvie!
-John Rocamora

Incluvie focuses on a major issue in our society, which is racism. Incluvie will definitely help the world realize the current picture of diversity in the movie industry.
-Hiren Shah



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