If we only see one race star as the protagonists and heroes, we start to think that.
If we see all races star as the protagonists and heroes, maybe we'll start to understand that.

In film and TV, white leads are overrepresented compared to their demographic. This means minority leads are underrepresented. White Americans make up most of the US population, and when they're overrepresented on top of that, the national mindset becomes a bit confused as to which people matter. (The answer should be everyone, not just white people)

2017 Hollywood Diversity Report
Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA


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Incluvie Rating: -4 Short description of the movie: Michael, a broker in New York, travels to Venezuela to finalize his divorce with his wife so that he can marry his girlfriend. While in Venezuela, he finds that he has a teenage son named Mimi-Siku. Mimi-Siku...